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"Inner Leadership: The coaching approach of learning" - Cluj, Romania, July 2015




















Connected Elephant took part to the huge festival event "Connector 2.0." in Cluj, Romania. More than 300 participants could choose out of 20 workshops. Connected Elephant led the two days training course "Inner Leadership": The coaching approach of learning". After this course, participants took their first steps as coaches and put what they learnt into practise with people from the local community in Cluj.


We first focussed on "How does my Inner Leadership looks like ?", using methods such as the River of Life and the Speed Date. We then explored where does my inner leadership lead me ?





















We also exchanged concrete coaching tools to prepare the participants for their own coaching sessions. But our very enthousiastic participants wanted to know more about good coaching and gain more concrete tools, like powerful questions. So they exercise coaching with each other.

Transition and accountability are also essential : with a coach you explore your future possibilities. Mostly they sound really nice and you see your future bright again, together with your coach. But then you return home and then you’re alone and what is left over of your inspiration after a couple of days? That’s what transition and accountability make so important. With our participants we went through the process of transition for themselves, for the next days when they were in the role of coach, and how to inspire their coachee with a future perspective.

The target group with who we were working was very diverse. A Phd. Student joined us, as well as a trainers, project managers and youth workers.

















Every one of us has a passion. Many of us don’t know that they have a passion. How can they use it to make their life more meaningful and inspire others around them ? Also in this training course about coaching and inner leadership passion was an essential part.










Coaching sessions in the park

Last part of the Connector 2.0 event was putting the learning process of the participants into practice. All participants were for one day coach and in a natural and relaxing environment, they coach anyone who wanted. There was a lot of interest. The venue changed. We moved to the park where hundreds of people were walking around for a jazz festival. With the tools they learned – powerful questions, interest, passion, levels of listening, Socratic method, curiosity… - how they could serve local people.













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