Connected Elephant in 2016


Connected Elephant in autumn 2016



Identify (with) your WELL-BEING

Dundalk, Ireland, October 2016


For most of us there is a gap between the life we are leading and who we really are. We are living in a world based on who we ‘should be’ and what we ‘should do’, and therefore we are losing connection to our true identity and our unique potential. This is damaging our well-being. We believe that gaining a deeper understanding of ‘who we are’ is an empowering process which can lead to positive life changes. Empowering young people through this process could, for instance, lead to increased participation in society, or in democratic life, or to increased employability. We believe that each individual is unique and by embracing this diversity, we can enrich ourselves and indeed society.


Within the context of this diversity we take into consideration one’s sexual and gender identity and societal norms that define and set up the limits of acceptable behaviour and ways of being and expressing. Sexual and gender identity is a complex issue, influenced by culture and the social environment in which people live. It is often seen as something that should not be discussed openly and it still provokes a lot of controversy and shame.


In order to live a wholesome and more meaningful life, we need to understand social, cultural and personal aspects that influence our identity, challenge the norms, and take actions which lead to a more congruent life. We can learn how to create a space for living a more authentic life, by fully accessing our own resources of doing, being and living. In this way we are also more capable of sharing our gifts with our environment. We encourage the interaction with the outside world. Well-being depends not only on the inner truth, but also on the interaction from outside. Only in this interaction with your environment – you give, receive and accept - you can empower yourself fully as you really are.


In this training course we want to emphasis on this process by mingling participants with different gender background. Moreover we focus on the interaction with the outside world during the TC and anticipating on the learning process after the journey with impulses which leads to positive change in the world of the participants. Changing the world not by dictating or forcing things, but by positive impulses.




Be a change maker: developing responseAbility for positive change - 2nd edition

Antwerp, Belgium, November 2016


In May 2016 Connected Elephant (together with partner rootAbility) organised a succesfull training for new change makers. We came together in Bonn for a training course about finding a response to the global challenges of the 21st century.

In November Connected Elephant organise a second edition in Antwerp!


What it's all about?

The post-modern world offers all kinds of opportunities but at the same humanity is facing unprecedented trans-dimensional sustainability challenges. Accelerating and interconnected global changes in the environment, technology, demography and economy threaten our very way of life: Rising sea levels, refugee crises, unstable economies, failed states, biodiversity loss, increasing income inequality. Solutions cannot be solved by the mindsets and skills that created them in the first place. They demand a new set of skills and competencies that are necessary to respond and create transformative change processes.


Many (young) people are disillusioned about the possibility to create meaningful and purposeful responses to all these challenges. They are disconnected and/or marginalized from nature, society, politics and economics. At the same time, it is the young generation who will have to address and adapt to the unfolding consequences in the future. What they need is empowerment and inspiration to craft meaningful responses. A better vision on our own personal and professional journey – where we are coming from and where we are headed, as well as accepting and claiming responseAbility for our own and societal development is called for.


During one week we tackle topics related to compassion, gratitude, sustainability, Inner Leadership, accountability, vulnerability, passion, Element, vision, hope and a learning Mindset. We're looking forward to meet you in this learning adventure.



InsideOut: let your talent be your guide

Sasselo, Italy, November 2016


In the beautiful environment of Sasselo, close to Genova, Connected Elephant helps organising (together with PECO) a new training course where Talent Development, Learning Process and Inner Leadership meet each other for a new level of empowerment.


The future has never been as unpredictable as now. Technology is transforming the world so fast that we cannot foresee the needs and the problems of tomorrow. Europe has the highest educated young generation ever; at the same time Europe has the highest unemployed young generation ever!


What is important is that we can adapt easily to the change and that we are able to learn new things. Ability to learn is becoming essential as well as our potential. In a fast-changing world we need to be able to adapt our skills and talents into different fields. We need to be more aware of our potential and our strengths so we can use them to build our future. To build more optimistic future that can make us and other people happy. That’s why when we focus on developing our passions, talents, skills we can create more happiness and joy and therefore we can create more meaning. The sense of meaning and happiness give us motivation to help other people and to contribute to positive changes in our communities and societies.


With this training course we want to create space for reflection on our talents and passions and ways how we can develop them and use them for changing our communities. We want to increase the awareness of participants about their potential and their learning process‏ so they can help their youngsters in the process of their own development. We believe that gaining a deeper understanding of who we are and what we can do for others is an empowering process which can lead to positive changes in the future society. Empowering young people in their personal learning through the process of talent discovering could, for instance, lead to increased participation in society and democratic life, and to increased employability.



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