Interest + concentration = creativity


Are you also stuck in your life? Does it seem that your life is nothing more than going to work, watching television, shopping and having a drink? How can you make your life more interesting? The answer is easier to find than you think. You can find the answer inside yourself. Creativity fills up the emptiness in your life. What is creativity? You don't have to be Picasso to be creative. You don't have to be, as Columbus, creative to discover a new continent.


Being creative means to make your own life more interesting. By choosing another way home, refreshing your own environment where you already have lived your whole life. Being creative is also making conversation, not because you have to do so, but just because you want to discover the other person who you're talking with. So showing interest is already a good start for creativity. Every person, every place, every topic, every object has his/its own story. Dive into it.


How do you do that? By reading about it, by looking for short films on Youtube. Do you know there are even Youtube films about Lego products, which have existed for the last 30 years? Can you believe that?! Did you fall in love with a beautiful woman, but she has a child, and you end up with a step-daughter for free while you're not really a natural born father? Read a book about blended families, exchange with other people who are in the same situation about the way they tackle this, dive into this situation. Make your own project of it. Maybe in the beginning it takes some efforts, but it generates new incentives which stimulate you a lot!


What you also need - and that's the second ingredient of creativity - is concentration. You have to focus on something, because otherwise there's a big chance that you may fail. If you don't fail, it goes too smoothly and it's not a challenge anymore for you. If you concentrate you're completely into it, you forget time, and that means that you like what you are busy with. This means that you are already busy being creative. You have to like it, because when you lose concentration, then what you love or what you need may slip through your fingers in the blink of an eye. To sublimate your project, daily concentration is required. Keep focusing, day in, day out.


So call it a project, fill your life up with small projects, small concentrations of creativity which make sense to you and your life. That's all that matters after all, isn't it? You're life is a project by itself. But you have to like it, you have to be interested in yourself and in what you're doing.


interest + concentration on this interest = creativity

--> this creativity upgrades your life. Be happy with it! :-)

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