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"This is the sign when it's a very perverted society where directness is supposed to be something to be ashamed of. Being directly yourself is something almost obscene in our society" "- Yoko Ono


Intense - We live in an intense society. Many incentives are coming our way! And we are also expected to be extravert, energetic and present. We act in an intense way. But if you are fully concentrated on something, on a passion, and you show yourself at100 percent, there might be a big chance that others may try to block you. You don't stick your head above the average level, do you? Being completely yourself, showing who you really are, doesn't seem to fit in our world. How sincerely and intensely do you allow yourself to live?


Different - We all want to distinguish ourselves and be authentic. That's the credo of our times. But this way of being different is being different according to certain fashionable rules. How really different are you then? Many among us conform to these fashionable trends and consider themselves as authentic. But is it not often a layer which hides our real authenticity? A mask as a protection. It's not visible that in fact we really feel different but we don't dare to say or show it because we're afraid of being isolated. We carry on with 'being-fake-different' like all the others. Being completely yourself, showing who you really are, doesn't seem to fit in our world. How sincere are you in being different?










Connected Elephant organises projects where we're going to find answers to these questions: who are we really and what do

we want to do in our precious time which is called life? By living in an intense and concentrated way, you distinguish yourself from those who let their life live. If it's difficult for you to give yourself permission to do it differently, Connected Elephant would like to support you in your journey of finding your own potential aroused only by yourself. Connected with someone who is supporting you, connected with others in the same circumstances, but mostly connected with yourself.

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