Non-formal learning



Connected Elephant chooses non-formal learning


Formal and non-formal learning complement each other perfectly. Non-formal learning adds competences which are underestimated in the classical school system. Also in the learning method you find many differences. Non-formal learning is more free and likes to cross limits in order to stimulate creativity. Connected Elephant is convinced that as long as someone is interested in a topic, he/she can learn anything. Moreover giving a person recognition for what he/she is and how the person wants to develop is for Connected Elephant very important: that is also why we choose non-formal learning.


Formal learning is mostly associated with the school system and trainings institutes. Non-formal learning is organized educative activities outside this official framework. These activities are usually connected with learning objectives.

In many countries non-formal learning (combined with formal learning) is part of the lifelong learning journey for everybody. As a result, the education system gains an appropriate shape which connects with the economical and society needs and challenges of the 21st century.


What is typical for non-formal learning is the free structure and the exploring of the limits of the classical learning system. Also the proactive attitude of the participants gives an extra dimension to it. In the framework of the training or workshop, participants are relatively free to fill in their own learning process. The participants search by their own for new insights, the interaction between the trainers and the participants often go both ways. Participants' own initiatives and incentives are stimulated (self directed learning).


Connected Elephant works preferably in this more free learning structure and likes to give participants space to fill in their own learning process. Participants join a training or workshop in a completely voluntary way. The trainer facilitates the exercises, moderates the debriefings, stimulates and guides the participants. The level of freedom may vary from one group to the other and from task to task. Connected Elephant and clients evaluate and determine beforehand the level of freedom in an agreement.

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