Reinforce your Professional Future in Madrid


Reinforce your Professional Future

Madrid, Spain, 19 - 25 October 2015

Together with Fundacio Tomillo from Madrid Connected Elephant was co-partner of Reinforce your Professional Future, a project supported by the Erasmus+ programme. Reinforce is a Training Course about employability based on the personal identity, motivations and passions.


We supported 30 participants in exploring their own Identity and which direction they want to go and suits them best for future projects in their own life and which influence their actions will have for their environment. By doing so, they gained a greater appreciation of their full potential. We tried to inspired them to be more active in realizing this potential.














The circumstances have changed in recent years: instead of relying on the government it's up to future employees to take initiatives by themselves. Create possibilities and be pro-active to be employed. That's what the economy and society are waiting for: flexible and creative people who are willing to take action and inspire others.


The base of being pro-active and creative is inner leadership: a strong personality who can carry responsibility. That means relying on yourself and making conscious decisions based on your own feelings and thoughts. We believe that gaining a deeper understanding of ‘who we are’ is an empowering process which can lead to positive life changes and inner leadership. Empowering young people through this process leads to increased employability.


'Selling yourself' is an often heard expression. But if you know yourself very well and you know what's motivating you, then you're closer to your personal core, and then you follow your own strong instinct instead of 'selling yourself'.















A big part of this TC was about : how to turn a negative influence of inconvenient feelings in a new positive perspective? The answer is : coming out of your comfort zone and start with good actions!

Inconvenient feelings

We focused on the question « what is a inconvenient feeling ? », linked with employability, looking for a job, rejection and (negative) beliefs in ourselves. We explored the negative beliefs to see how real those beliefs are. We also visualised it even more by using the methods of the dragons. Where are the big dragons, where the smaller and which influence do they have on us ? How can I handle these sides of character in my daily life ?














The next day, after a fine digesting, we translated the inconvenient feelings into taking a new step in my life : transition. Important regarding transition is comtemplation and waiting for the right moment. This is a delicate competence of intuition which grows by exercise and experience. Kairos is the god of comtemplation and taking action at the right moment. But he's also the god of serendipity : recognize a powerful something by coincidence. Transition and development are also important when you want to be in your Element. Ken Robinson guided us through the importance of being in your Element (aptitude meets passion) and surround yourself by stimulating persons. Together it makes it easier to change the world.














The transition will be easier to do it in small concrete steps. Starting with 5-years plans is good to have a focus. But to stay motivated you have to go from goal to goal, from step to step. In Future Perspective we focused on smaller steps by exercise Super Objective : you walk an imaginary line from now to 3 months. When you are at 3 months what difference does it make for you ? Are you reliefed to see what you have done ? Yes? So, it's time to get started !


Last obstacle to change or making a step forward is : ACTION ! With the accountability exercise we invited the participants to make a step once they are back home. They have one month to make a next first step, in function of a bigger plan. The accountability is to inspire other participants to do their ‘good actions’ but also to keep stimulated for themselves. On the Reinforce Facebook page we encourage each other and let the change happen for everyone of us.



Some spontanious reactions from participants on Reinforce your Professional Future:

"This is the best TC I’ve ever joined !"


"It’s incredible how we connected so soon so deep with each other !"


"The dragons made me real clear how to deal with different parts of my character."





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