Sources of Inspiration


The main inspiration is life itself. Not only all those books and theories which were passing by during our life. But much more worthwile than this are the personal experiences you go through during your unique life. Exemples of that kind of inspiration can be the ups and downs in a relationship, observing human behaviour, a mirror during therapy or participation in training courses and workshops.
















Some inspiration in particular:

Brené Brown - researcher from Houston, United States. She interviewd more than 1000 persons about their shame, fear and vulnerability. She encourage more vulnerability in society. Many innovative ideas will get lost because we are afraid to be ridiculised if we present our own feelings and thoughts. Brown's biggest inspiration is that she doesn't spare herself: she puts herself in perspective by writing about her own insecurity, shame and fear.


Sebastien Haffner - German journalist and lawyer (1909-1999) who was famous because of his historical analysis of the European history of the ninetheeth and twentieth century. His reputation is based on his originality and courage. His method was simple: thinking long and deep to get to the core. He was doubting all clichés and prejudices and asking questions which show the other side. Questions which were not answered yet by other people, they were not even yet formulated.













John Lennon - This ex-Beatle (1940-1980) saw things different and because of that he was innovative. Who's going to lie in bed one week with his woman for peace? He was a light, a source of inspiration. His lyrics are a revelation to come to self reflection - nevertheless your age. His own inspiration was his own difficult youth which challenged him for the rest of his life. Connected Elephant wrote about Lennon's difficult youth and his unsteady character.



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