Unlocking Your Potential 2015


Unlocking yOur Potential 2015 – Antwerp, Belgium, June 2015


Connected Elephant organised a new edition of the successful training course "Unlocking yOur Potential" in Antwerp, Belgium, with the support of the Erasmus+ programme. We supported 30 participants in exploring their own Identity. By doing so, they gained a greater appreciation of their full potential. We tried to inspired them to be more active in realizing this potential. Ultimately the aim was for the participants to be in a position to transfer their learning outcomes to their work with young people and to enable them to support their own young people through this process. We believe that each individual is unique and by embracing this diversity, we can enrich ourselves and indeed society.


The training course focused on where the participants came from, their values, vulnerability and inconvenient feelings.















Many of the participants had experience with youth exchange, but a training course on such a professional level was a challenge for some of them, certainly when you work for a week long on a very personal topic. In particular dealing with ambiguity is a learning process – for everyone of us.

The path on where you’re going to search for yourself and your inner leadership is not always flat and without unevenness. In other words, ambiguity shows its face unexpectedly. It brings you out of your comfort zone. And a step out of the comfort zone is the beginning of change.

To every participant we assure that a training course is made of two parallel lines: a group learning process and a personal journey. Group spirit is important, but the personal dimension too, as in your personal learning process you have the whole responsibility.














If our participants have doubts and the ambiguity flows all around, we always reassure them with the idea of trusting the process. Many challenges may happen during the week, but the trainers take care for a suitable ending on the last day of the training course.

Confidence in the group is stimulated by complete commitment with the group from every participant. The idea is very simple : "We need you, because we can’t do this alone." It is an appeal to everyone to make a success of everyone’s personal learning process. A personal learning process can only be a success by taking care by the group. Although it is a personal learning process, no one can do this alone.














Inconvenient feelings

In a training course, there is always a contrast between the group and the individual feeling, so this is both a topic and a session.

We focused on what is a inconvenient feeling, linked with shame and (negative) beliefs in ourselves, and how to deal with it: resilience and new perspectives. We provide a safe environment for participants and when those feelings show up later "in real life", other persons can react with less understanding on their needs, so the training course is an opportunity to practice.












Transition and Accountability

The transition part started with some theory and how to enlarge your world by taking steps outside your comfort zone.

In the accountability part we focussed on the actions of the participants who were invited to reflect about the desired outcome and needed resources. The intention is that the participants once back home concentrate on their action, put into practice and also keep the whole group informed on our group Facebook page. With their action they can motivate themselves and inspire other members of our group.




















Some spontanious reactions from participants on Unlocking yOur Potential 2015:


"I've joined Erasmus+ future and its name is Unlocking yOur Potential!"



"First of all, I'd like to thank you once again for the amazing work you did. I dare to say you really made me discover some new capabilities in myself. I would be happy to participate in other projects of yours."



"I deeply feel the need to thank you for the once in a lifetime experience and for the tools/knowledge acquired. I look forward in participating in a future TC of yours."



"This project really had a huge impact on me, already started sorting some things in my life. Years growing I thought that tough guys are the ones who lock it all up inside and keep it concealed. Now I know it's exactly the opposite. I would be very happy and honoured to have you as a partner in a future projects."



"I wanted to thank you for the course, organization and all the mind games which gave me a lot of thoughts. You are amazing trainer, I am hoping to participate in some other projects of yours in the future."



"Thank you very much for the Youth Pass but mostly thank you for the interesting and unique TC. It will be more than pleasure for me to be involved in another

projects of yours."




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